Online volunteer training “ProVol” for volunteers and coordinators

ProVol Digital is an extension of the “Professional Volunteering” (ProVol) project. As part of ProVol, an accessible, flexible and sustainable European model for training volunteer coordinators and volunteers was developed. It comprises 10 modules covering a wide range of topics:

  Module 1 – Volunteering and values
  Module 2 – Defining aims, objectives and roles
  Module 3 – Project and time management
  Module 4 – Communications
  Module 5 – People management
  Module 6 – Public relations
  Module 7 – Event management
  Module 8 – Networking
  Module 9 – Legal issues
  Module 10 – Finances and fundraising

In 2023, this training was digitized and adapted to current challenges. The online training is conducted in Germany, Austria, Romania and the Czech Republic in order to contribute to the professionalization of volunteering. We are also constantly training new trainers to expand the european-wide ProVol network. Interested? You can find more information here: